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Welcome to AOK Internet

We've put this page together to help you learn the basics of using your new web hosting package. If you have any questions please use our knowledge database of common questions in your control panel (the login details will be in the welcome e-mail we sent you) or contact us any time.

How long will my account take to be setup?

If you have ordered both a domain name and hosting package together using our online ordering system your account should be activated immediately. If you only want hosting (without a domain name) we will have to setup your account manually so there will be a slight delay. When your account is setup you will receive an e-mail with your admin login details, FTP details and e-mail setup information.


* Please note: Some features such as Front Page Extensions require a domain name to be registered and can take between 24 and 48 hours before they can be activated.



How do I login to my account?
We have 3 separate admin panels depending on what you wish to do:

Client Admin: http://aok-internet.co.uk/package_chooser


Our client admin panel lets you manage your domain names and hosting packages. You can also order new domains and hosting that will automatically be linked to your package. The client admin panel will also let you renew packages, view your invoices, search our support database and update your contact details.


Your username and password are chosen by you when you order from us online.


Hosting Admin: http://cp.aok-internet.co.uk or http://cp.yourdomain.com


You can log in to your individual hosting accounts using the hosting admin panel.

This admin panel displays a summary of your account information. You can setup e-mail, install FrontPage Extensions, install PHP and CGI scripts, install MySQL databases and setup statistics tracking software.


Your username is your domain. Your password is e-mailed to you automatically.


Domain Admin: http://domains.aok-internet.co.uk/


Our domain admin panel lets you control your domain name details including nameserver settings, change the TAG, edit DNS settings and opt out of WHOIS.


Your username is your domain. Your password is e-mailed to you automatically.



How do I setup an email address?

First click here to launch our hosting admin panel (the login details will be in the welcome e-mail we sent you)


Next, click the button called "Email Configuration" (similar to image shown on the right)


You now have 3 main options for what type of e-mail address you would like to create:


E-mail Forwarding: This is the simplest option and will allow you to select an existing e-mail address (eg. Hotmail or Yahoo) and have all messages sent to your new e-mail address redirected to your existing e-mail address.


Catch All Email Forwarding: This is very similar to the above but, instead of a specific e-mail address forwarding to your existing address, this time anything@yourdomain.com will forward to your existing address.


Mailbox: This option lets you set up an independent e-mail account. This is good if you don't want to use the forwarding option and can be used with all e-mail software like Outlook or Outlook Express. Simply type in your desired e-mail address and a password. Your settings to use in your e-mail software are below:


E-mail Address:

Incoming Mail Server:

Outgoing Mail Server:





mail.yourdomain.com (or smtp.outitgoes.com)

example@yourdomain.com (or just the prefix)

the username will be the email address you used when creating the mailbox

the password you chose when creating the mailbox


To make it easy for you to set your e-mail address up on your computer we have made some easy step-by-step instructions to help you. Please click here to view.


How do I use Webmail?

To use Web Mail you must first create at least one mailbox (see above). You can either go to our special web mail login page or click on the Webmail image shown in the upper right hand corner of our website and use the password you entered when creating the mailbox. You can now access your Web Mail from any computer in the world.

How do I upload file to my Web Space?

Now that your account is setup, you can upload local files from your computer to the webspace on your hosting account. How you do this depends on the web design package you are using. Detailed instructions for the most popular FTP programs and web design packages are contained within the Support Knowledge Database, a link for which is available in your hosting admin panel


There are many FTP clients available;


We recommend using Smart FTP but any FTP software can be used.

Regardless of which program you use on your local computer, you will need to know the details for the server to upload to. They include the FTP server name, your FTP username and your password. Those details are always displayed at the bottom of the first page of your hosting admin panel, so you can always get those details there. Your main FTP username is always your domain name. If your domain is very new or is yet to be transferred into your account, rather than use ftp.yourdomain.dom as the FTP host, you’ll need to use the IP address (numbers in brackets in the summary) instead.

How do I install FrontPage Extensions?

To install FrontPage Extensions on your hosting account please click on the Web Tools button in your hosting admin panel  (see image marked 'Web Tools')


Next, click Microsoft FrontPage Extensions. On the new page that opens click the "install" option and then click Update Now.


Please note: FrontPage Extensions will become active when your domain name has been fully registered on our system (this can take between 24 and 48 hours)


Your login details for FrontPage Extensions can be found in the welcome e-mail we sent you or on the front page of your hosting admin panel (scroll to the bottom of the home page to the FTP details section) and click "password" to show your password.

How do I install CGI Scipts?

We have a large amount of free CGI scripts and software for you to install. The great thing is our admin panel will setup everything for you for most scripts including the MySQL databases! Simply choose the installation folder on your hosting space and click install! Our scripts can be found in our hosting admin panel under CGI/PHP Scripts.

How can I see statistics about my website?
We have various easy to use visitor trackers built in to your account. You can install these by logging in to the hosting admin panel and choosing Website Reporting. We currently offer 4 statistics options but recommend AWStats to new users as this very straightforward to install (takes less than 1 minute via our cgi install script) and use.
What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the measure of information going both to and from your hosting account with us. It includes all file transfers both incoming and outgoing, all emails to and from the email server and every other form of traffic to and from the account. Customers can check how much bandwidth they have used so far in the current month via their hosting admin panel, where it is displayed above the FTP login details.

How do I backup my website(s) or files?

we always recommend that our clients make their own regular backups for your peace of mind. We offer a quick and easy method of backing up your files:


1) Log in to your hosting admin panel

2) Click the Web Tools button

3) Scroll down and click Backup Or Restore Your Website

4) Click the download now button to download a ZIP backup of all your files

5) You can also backup individual folders and restore backups on this page

I need more help, where can I go?

we offer a very large and extensive Support Database, where the vast majority of questions are answered. Click on the 'Support Database' link in your hosting admin panel and you’ll be able to search for help by entering a keyword.


You can also contact us at any time and we will do our best to help you out.



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